People Helping People In Daytona Beach FL

people helping people  
People helping people is simply an act of mercy and grace that we give onto others as Christ did and still does for us today.
On behalf of The Sweeping Angels Family and staff, we are reaching out to the public to ask for your involvement in helping us help families here in Daytona Beach, Florida. There are particular family shelters that we have chosen to become vessels for to help accommodate their needs for the families that is living in these facilities temporarily.   Your involvement would be to simply donate a few things, in which we have taken the initiative to compile a list from our local family shelters that families seem to be needing the most.  (more…)

Post Construction Cleaning

post construction cleaningThis post construction cleaning video is one of our latest jobs we did for an amazing Port Orange, FL family.  It displays before and after photos in a video format for your viewing pleasure. Upon doing an assessment for this family, we knew that it would take a lot of work, organizing and definitely cleaning to make them feel like they're home again. As we listened to their needs, we considilated them into one simple and effective package -- custom tailored service. Simply click play on the video below to watch the short video of our work. The best reward is the happiness of our customers.      

Review the Post Construction Cleaning video below

Post Construction Cleaning -- Came, Saw and Conquered.

  It was such a pleasure turning this mess into a message for this amazing family. Every dish, every nick and cranny were cleaned to their liking. Every corner from ceiling to floor was wiped down and every bathroom plus kitchen was sanitized and cleaned. We are not your typical cleaning company; we have proved that for nearly four years. We proudly serve in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Deland, Debary, Deltona areas. If you have a home, condo, office or other place of business within 35 miles from Daytona Beach, you are eligible for our services. Since we are a family owned cleaning company in Volusia county, we take pride in our work, put passion into our diligence and spice it up with custom quality services to ensure complete satisfaction from A to Z. We offer custom-made packages designed to fit your needs for both residential, rentals, and commercial. See our residential checklist here. See our commercial checklist here. Need your windows professionally cleaned inside and out? No problem! You can mention it during your assessment. Let us know your thoughts on this post-construction cleaning video in the comment section below.

Condo Cleaning Services in Daytona Beach Shores

Are you in need of condo cleaning services in Daytona Beach Shores that provides quality and dependability for your guest? We offer affordable cleaning services that is custom-tailored to meet your needs. Whether you rent our your condo or you reside there, we are more than confident you will love us!

When you need professional experts that have not only the experience in rental programs; but the personal touch that will provide a outstanding presentation for your guest. Our condo cleaning services includes various of services such as:

* Dependability of completion before check-in's and check-out's. * Inventory tracking of items that you supply to your guest. * Pick Up items at any local retail location at no additional charge. * Flat-rates and bundle services that is affordable without sacrificing quality. * and much more!

Take a look at some BEFORE and AFTER's of our condo cleaning services in Daytona Beach Shores:

We specialize in condo cleaning services and know it is important for you to receive a excellent rating and review with a quick turn-around. That's why, we bring our passion forward and supply you with a excellent presentation for your guest.


While you focus on getting your condo rented, we will focus on keeping your condo professional cleaned, sanitized and smelling fresh while being your eyes and ears for you locally -- especially your inventory and confirming there is no damage to your unit after your guest leave.


With over 19 years of experience in the cleaning industry -- your condo is in great hands from a company you can trust and depend on.


We are fully licensed and insured that is well known for quality and dependability as we already serve several large to small condo's, small businesses, bank institutions, apartment complexes, residential houses, small schools and offices.


Simply give us a call to schedule your complimentary assessment or schedule online.


We would be honored to serve YOU!


See our checklist for Residential OR Commercial.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Even the tidiest of households hide dirty little secrets.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Many of us neglect our cleaning tools and supplies. Unfortunately, this can lead to germs and other nasty invaders setting up residence in our closets and cabinets. Cleaning your cleaning supplies is a must! So when is the last time you sanitized your sponge? Don’t just sweep the problem under the rug. Read on to learn how to wash your cleaning supplies and when they should be replaced.  (more…)

9 Things You Should Never Put In The Dishwasher

We would like to show you 9 things you should never put in the dishwasher and we will explain why. We hope that you gained some tips to save you the expenses, or even worse, contamination. If you find this helpful, would you mind sharing it on your social networks. It could help someone else and that it what we are suppose to do, right?

 You may not have known these kitchen staples should never make their way into your dishwasher.

9 things you should never put in the dishwasher

You want to save time—and let's be honest: Who wants to do dishes when you don't have to?—but tossing certain things in the dishwasher will only cost you more (in money, time and possible something worse).  (more…)

Back To School Deals from The Sweeping Angels

back to school deals

If you are ready for back to school deals, we are ready to service your home or office. This offer is valid one per household and not valid with any other offer. This offer is valid now - Aug 31st 2015. See the back to schools deals below:

Need Basic Surface Cleaning? 

* Up to 2 hours: Only $69 * Up to 3 hours: Only $99 * Up to 4 hours: Only $129

Need a Deluxe Deep Cleaning? 

* Up to 6 hours: Only $189 * Up to 7 hours: Only $219 * Up to 8 hours: Only $249

Schedule Service(s) BEFORE August 31st, 2015 and sign up for our weekly services -- Your rates will always be the same until cancellation. That's HUGE SAVINGS!!! Schedule Online or Contact us by phone. All assessments are complimentary. Note: Limit (one) discount per household and per service. Cannot combine discounts on various services.  back to school deals

Ocean 5 Condo Cleaning Services in Daytona Beach Shores FL

We present to you, Ocean 5 condo cleaning services in Daytona Beach Shores FL of room 404. Private condo owners can trust that The Sweeping Angels will perform a rental cleaning so that all tenants feel welcomed and important. Each cleaning services varies due to the condition tenants can leave your condo. That's why we become our clients eyes and ears, track inventory or supplies, handle linens and ensure that each condo we service is cleaned thoroughly, disinfected and smelling fresh. And as an option, our clients can order a custom Before and After video.

Watch the FULL video below.
  condo cleaning services in daytona beach shores fl  

For more information in regards to our condo cleaning services in Daytona Beach Shores FL or surrounding areas, please visit us online at: All estimates are complimentary and all of our interior cleaning specialist can ensure 100% satisfaction. Guaranteed!

Did you know that we now offer gift certificates which make the perfect gift? You can review the options that are available on our website or simply go to: condo cleaning services in daytona beach shores flcondo cleaning services in daytona beach shores fl  

The Sweeping Angels Commerical

Welcome to The Sweeping Angels commercial. When you live a busy life, we provide the solutions -- literally. Our professional cleaning staff can take on the toughest mess in your home or office where you can focus on living your life, not adding a mess to it. Watch The Sweeping Angels commercial below and let us know your thoughts. We would LOVE to hear them.

the sweeping angels commercial   the sweeping angels commercial the sweeping angels commercial  

Professional Condo Cleaning Services in Daytona Beach FL

If you are looking for professional condo cleaning services in Daytona Beach FL, consider The Sweeping Angels. All cleaning services are performed by top professional cleaning specialist that follows a structured checklist. To ensure quality services, each cleaning specialist is hand-picked by the owners as well as trained and tested before hired.

The Sweeping Angels services condo's for both residential or commercial and is fully licensed and insured. When it comes to quality condo cleaning services in Daytona Beach FL, The Sweeping Angels is YOUR #1 choice! Period!

Just take a look at the video below and watch the demonstration.
condo cleaning services in daytona beach fl


Professional Cleaning of Rental Properties

If you are looking for professional cleaning of rental properties in the Daytona Beach area, consider The Sweeping Angels. Each unit is assessed and serviced professionally by interior cleaning specialist. During the assessment, all notations are made of any areas that require special attention or special instructions with great communication through-out. After each cleaning, a walk-through is performed to ensure all customers are 100% satisfied with our cleaning services.

Contact us today for your complimentary assessment and have all of your bulk rental properties serviced by to top professional cleaning specialist at affordable rates.

professional cleaning of rental properties

  professional cleaning of rental properties
I was impressed with The Sweeping Angels on the quality cleaning, professionalism and friendliness they provided me with. They made our family very happy and our home never looked better. Their rate was very affordable too! We have definitely found our cleaning company! ~ David M.