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sweeping angelsAbout Our Company...

The Sweeping Angels is a family owned interior cleaning business in Daytona Beach, FL. We proudly serve Volusia county in both residential and commercial properties.

We offer various types of services that are fully unique and customized that meets YOUR preferences and needs! This can be discussed during our FREE No-Obligated Assessment and Complimentary Consultation when you decide to contact us.

The Sweeping Angels was founded in 2013 and we have been successfully separating ourselves by the quality that we provide and the integrity we put forth with 100% confidence in customer satisfaction.

Wait there's more...

Not only are we the underdogs and the people's choice for cleaning companies, but we are very involved in our community. The Sweeping Angels are always giving back and paying it forward to the less fortunate. Having a compassionate heart, especially for the homeless and children, it is our due diligence to let God use us as vessels to bless others since we are very blessed ourselves. We have not had it easy as we were once homeless ourselves in the past, but due to self-belief, vision, faith in Jesus, and hard-work, we are now in position to create job opportunities and bless others with what we once were denied of -- opportunity.

We have learned it is best to create an opportunity rather than to depend on them. Therefore, our passion today is to turn YOUR mess into a message by creating an everlasting emotion from a sanitized, organized and clean home that smells and looks amazing.

And since we care who enters your home, we check the backgrounds from all employees to make sure all staff are properly qualified and screened before performing any work duties. Thank you for the time you took to learn more about us as people. We look forward to serving YOU.

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