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Check Out Our New Referral Program

Image That's right! Sweeping Angels NEW referral program is now available for new and existing customers. It's simple! When you refer us, both you (referee) and your referral will receive a 10% off discount. Simply have them mention your name during the time of making an appointment and the discounts will be applied towards the total. Exciting right?

How The New Referral Program Works...

This is HUGE! And you are worth it! The new referral program does not ever expire so therefore you may use it over and over again. If you are an existing customer, the discount will be applied on your next service. If you are a new customer, the discount will be applied on your first service. It's really that easy and it gives you an incentive for just simply referring us.

Why We Chose To Create The New Referral Program...

It's our way of giving back and regardless of the amount of discount(s), the quality of our service will never be sacrificed. We pride ourselves to provide professional and quality services to you every time. So we hope that you will enjoy the new referral program and really take advantage of this incentive for you and your referral(s). We truly honor your business and friendship. Sweeping Angels