Help For Homeless In Daytona Beach FL

help for homeless in daytona beach fl

We understand how cold it can get outside, therefore, we would like to offer help for homeless in Daytona Beach FL so families and individuals without homes can stay warm this winter. More importantly, to let them know -- someone cares about THEM. People never forget how you make them feel and it is amazing what emotions can be created just by simply showing that you care. Wouldn't you agree?

How Help for homeless in Daytona Beach FL started?

This cause started when my wife was driving through Daytona Beach from a clients home and saw homeless individuals rubbing their hands together with their shoulders tucked in trying to stay warm with the little clothing they had on. 

When my wife came home and mentioned how it made her feel to see such a thing, she took action on an idea; which then lead to putting our minds together and teaming up to create an action plan that will indeed create help for homeless in Daytona Beach FL. Since we are blessed, isn't it our due diligence to bless others? Can you imagine driving across the city to see a family or an individual wearing warm clothing that you helped provide? How would that make YOU feel inside?

What help for homeless in Daytona Beach FL can do...

We feel that by doing what God is calling us to do, which is serving the less fortunate with a servants heart that it can lead to building confidence in individuals, creating hope, smiles, happiness; and other positive emotions that so many take for granted; which in return could be the starting point for a person or family to want to excel in whatever they wish to achieve to improve their circumstance. You never know unless you try right?

Now that you understand our vision and what exactly we wish to accomplish with this project, we would be honored to accept any contributions to the cause by either donating winter clothes such as, coats, gloves, scarves, beanie caps, sleeping bags, blankets, etc. or other business sponsorship. As business owners and as people, we CAN provide help for homeless in Daytona Beach FL by working together and making it clear that we care for ALL people.

If you would like to contribute in any way, you may contact us here or call us during normal business hours.

For Further Details, Please Click The Link Below: help for homeless in daytona beach flThank you and have a blessed week.

help for homeless in daytona beach fl

help for homeless in daytona beach fl

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