The Result In Help For Homeless of Daytona Beach FL

From Dec. 1st to Dec. 20th, we along with Bellair Lanes asked for your help for homeless 0f Daytona Beach FL so that we can provide winter apparel to homeless families. I must say, it was very disappointing at how people could just ignore and/or show hate towards this cause.

During an event in which we were giving away prizes and giving away free bowling games for a $13 donation, we witnessed so many people spend money on self-indulging moments AFTER they stated they didn't have money towards helping homeless families in our own community.

So they had a budget for paying for bowling, shoe rentals, food and alcohol but they didn't have $13 to help a mom, dad or child stay warm this winter that were less fortunate than them? A moment of fun was priority instead of being a contribution in the help for homeless of Daytona Beach FL, which is their own community by the way. During the event, we heard every excuse and lie possible, and we must say, people are very creative at telling you what they think you want to hear.

Therefore, the result in our help for homeless campaign was unsuccessful. We collected a total of $32 in a months time from "the people's" contribution and have received zero new or used winter apparel donations. Unfortunately, $32 was not even enough to cover our expenses that we put into the campaign which includes, printing of flyers, fundraiser tickets, travel expense, etc. As a result, not a single homeless family in Daytona Beach was helped.

However, the bright side is, we did have the honor to meet some people that had a heart and paid it forward. And they will be rewarded for doing the right thing.

May God bless them and their family.

To those that just walked by, ignored the less fortunate and lied about what they said they would do... well, we will pray for them and may God have mercy on their soul that ignored the word of God and passed the opportunity to shed love on the less fortunate.

Our family will continue to bless others as we have been doing with or without support. We are honored to be used as vessels by God and GIVE BACK to the less fortunate. Even if we stand alone. We are blessed & honored to have local businesses like Bellair Lanes to help us give back to our community. People with a heart is very rare and we are so thankful for them.

In order to change what is around us we must first change what is within us. The other day we posted a video on our Facebook page. Consider watching this video below and see what this homeless man did with a $100 that was given to him. Do you feel he was wrong for what he did or would people ignore this as well? Next time you are provided with an opportunity to help for homeless of Daytona Beach FL, especially families, would you be a contribution or another statistic that turns the cheek?

Help for homeless in Daytona Beach FL

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