Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Even the tidiest of households hide dirty little secrets.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Many of us neglect our cleaning tools and supplies. Unfortunately, this can lead to germs and other nasty invaders setting up residence in our closets and cabinets. Cleaning your cleaning supplies is a must! So when is the last time you sanitized your sponge? Don’t just sweep the problem under the rug. Read on to learn how to wash your cleaning supplies and when they should be replaced. 

Scrub brushes and broom heads

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Replace broom heads and scrub brushes every six months.

Any scrub brush, besides a toilet scrub brush, along with brooms should be cleaned at least on a monthly basis.

Pick out any loose debris over your trash can. Rinse the brush or broom head thoroughly.

Fill a bucket or utility sink with enough warm water to submerge your brushes. Add half a cup of OxiClean powder or your favorite bleach. Let your brushes soak for 20 minutes, pull them out, rinse them and let them dry. Be careful not to soak wood handles.

Toilet brushes

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies CleanThink about all the germs your toilet brush picks up each time you use it. Gross! If you're ready to clean it, follow these instructions.

Fill a bucket with a quart of hot water and add OxiClean powder or a mixture of 2 cups white vinegar, 1 tablespoon borax and one-half teaspoon dish soap. Let your brush soak for about 30 minutes.

Make sure you clean your toilet brush each time you use it.

Replace your toilet brush every four to six months.


Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Replace sponges monthly.

There are a few different ways to clean your sponges. You can run them through the sanitize cycle of the dishwasher, soak them in a tablespoon of OxiClean and hot water for about 40 minutes or microwave them if they don’t have metal parts. To microwave your sponge, soak it in a bowl of water, then microwave it for two to three minutes.

Be sure to clean your sponges weekly, if not more frequently depending on your normal usage.

Cleaning cloths, steam cleaner pads and mop pads

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Clean mop pads, steam cleaner pads and cloths after each use.

Throw them in the wash. Be sure to skip fabric softener for microfiber cloths and pads.

Wash them in hot water and dry them on hot heat.


Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Make sure you aren't just stirring around the dust in your home.

Feather dusters are pretty easy to clean. Go outside to shake them. Then fill a sink or tub with hot water and dish soap. Dip your duster in and swirl it around, using your hands to work the soapy mix into the duster. Rinse and wring it, but be gentle so you don’t ruin the tool. Hang it to dry.

Vacuum cleaners

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Always refer to the owners manual before cleaning your vacuum.

When’s the last time you thought about cleaning your vacuum? Your vacuum should be cleaned at least twice a year.

Wash all hard attachments in soapy water and allow them to dry. Keep your filters clean and replace them about every three months. Clean out hair and string caught in the hoses or wheels. Empty the bag as frequently as necessary. Wipe the exterior of your vacuum with disinfectant wipes.

You don’t want to clean with dirty tools. Following this simple methods helps make sure your cleaning tools are up to the tasks at hand. Especially if you use your cleaning tools in other homes. 

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Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

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Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

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