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Commercial Cleaning near Daytona Beach

Are you seeking commercial cleaning near Daytona Beach? We would like to present a sample of one of the latest commercial cleaning services that we offer and hope that next time, you will consider The Sweeping Angels.

commercial cleaning near daytona beach


How cleaning companies succeed

how cleaning companies succeed

Have you ever wondered how cleaning companies succeed or fail? Through our experience, we have discovered important factors that lead The Sweeping Angels towards success and why we are still open for business during a tough economy. Here are some important tips out of our recipe inside our "Cook" book so to speak: (more…)

House Cleaning near Daytona Beach Florida

Recently, we were hired for a house cleaning service for another awesome realtor in Volusia county. Even though, the labor took longer than expected; we simply could not leave this home without spending the necessary time to meet our standard quality cleaning services.

We invite you to watch this quick video of Before and After pictures that we had taken. house cleaning near daytona beach florida   If you are looking for house cleaning near Daytona Beach Florida or surrounding areas, we are more than likely already in your area or servicing your neighbors. Give us a call. We are looking forward on serving you as well. house cleaning near daytona beach florida  

Do you prepare yourself for a housecleaner?


How to prepare yourself for a housecleaner

The housecleaner is arriving in an hour and you are in a panic because everything is everywhere. The kitchen is filthy, the coffee table has a ton of mail piled on it and you still have a little work from home stuff to do or take a shower and get dressed. Wait— the whole point of hiring a professional cleaning service is for them to do the work so you don’t have to. Avoid the urge to completely clean your house before your cleaning service arrives, but know that a little prep work can go a good way. It will make your house easier to clean for the cleaning service and leave more time for your house cleaner to tackle the really tough stuff for you. Here’s what you can do:

Straighten or Pick up the Clutter for your housecleaner

Take a few minutes that morning or the night before to pick up your cluttered mess. We all have clutter, some more than others, and most cleaning services are used to it but think about how much stuff the cleaner has to move to clean under or around. This is time consuming for your housecleaner. Instead, try grouping things together or pile up your papers. If you have a lot of bathroom or dresser-top items, put them in a basket or cabinet for that day. Put toys away in the toy box and pickup the cat or dog toys so they don’t have to before vacuuming. Saving worker’s time on non-cleaning related activities translates to more actual cleaning time for your dollar. Make sense?

Wash Your Own Dishes

Since dishwashing is a job that must be done properly and carefully, it can be also be a time-consuming process. So unless you just hate doing dishes, you might prefer the worker’s time be spent doing more energy-efficient tasks. Taking the time to empty your dishwasher and drain board means your house cleaner will have more time to devote to cleaning the sink, countertops, microwave and stove.

Leave a note, or speak with your Cleaner or the “Specifics of the House”

Several of our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly clients like to speak with us at the beginning of their appointment. They like to let us know about the “specifics of the house”. Another words, “the kitchen needs extra attention, don’t move the pile of papers on the counter”, or “the kids bedroom floor has a sticky spill on it.” All of this will help your housecleaner, including us, evaluate the work that needs to be done and make the most out of your appointment or service. These are some helpful tips from The Sweeping Angels to make sure that you get the best results from your cleaning experience even if you do not choose us. Give us a call for your FREE estimate today and we will tailor the cleaning to be exactly what you want based on YOUR preferences. Or you can simply have us to call you by clicking here. Either way, we hope that you get the best experience and best results from your house cleaning services.


Residential House Cleaning Tips by The Sweeping Angels

The Sweeping Angels The Sweeping Angels provides residential house cleaning tips and professoinal services that is fully customizable to meet your preferences and needs. Each team member(s) will be fully equipped with all cleaning products needed to perform their task thoroughly.

Residential House Cleaning Tips for Wood Floors

When cleaning hardwood floors, DO NOT use vinegar on a wood floor as it will cause damage as a result. Vinegar is acidic and will slowly eat away at the poly coating, or wax coating, or oil, whatever the floor is sealed with. It is fine for no-wax linoleum and ceramic but don't use vinegar on wood floors!

If you have new wood floors, using anything but what the manufacturer specifically recommends will void your warranty. When in doubt, use just water.

More Residential House Cleaning Tips for Wood Floors

Use a soft microfiber dusting pad (preferably with fringe) and run it along all the baseboards without lifting it. Then run it up and down the room, like mowing the lawn, again not lifting the mop. Lifting the mop allows larger debris to get under the mop pad, which can scratch the floors. You want the larger debris to be trapped by the fringe and pushed ahead of you while dust and dirt is trapped by the microfiber pad. This is why swiffer is horrible...it can scratch!

We would recommend the Rubbermaid Commercial Mop with a separate wet and dry mopping head since they just velcro onto the mop. You can get them at Home Depot for about 20 dollars and they sell replacement heads when they become to old to use. To clean them, all you need to do is run the wet mop under the shower tap and use some shampoo to clean it out, while the dry mop can be vacuumed with an attachment then thrown into the wash.

Use the hose attachment on you vacuum to run the perimeter of the room and suck up any trapped dirt near the baseboards. House entry door and stairs

Using a spray bottle, mist the floor lightly with water, or a cleaner specifically formulated for wood floors. DO NOT use Murphy's Oil Soap on your floors, nor should you use Orange Glo. Murphy's Oil Soap will ruin the floors and Orange Glo makes them dangerously slippery. Again, when in doubt, just use water.

After lightly misting a small area, use a seperate microfiber pad that is labeled for wet use and mop the area following the grain of the wood.

Continue to spray as you go. The floor should dry behind you. Never dump a bucket of soapy water on a wood floor...it will warp, cup, split, and generally need replacing really quickly.

We understand the importance of effective cleanliness and each floor is different as each home is different. Hopefully, these methods helped you understand how important it is to properly clean wood flooring and gave you insight on residential house cleaning tips.

If you would prefer to hire professionals instead of taking the risk to tackle this task yourself, you may contact us to schedule a Free Estimate. We look forward to serving you. Sweeping Angels


Sweeping Angels Cleaning Service [Before and After]

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Sweeping Angels Cleaning Services offers weekly, bi-weekly & monthly cleaning services for Volusia and Flagler Counties.

We are family owned and operated that will service both residential and commercial. Our services include but not limited to: * Deep Interior Home/Office Cleaning * Basic Housekeeping Service * Deep Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning * Garage Cleaning / Organization * Gardening / Weed Removal * Computer Cleaning (Remote Access Available) And More...

FREE Estimates & Assessments Available.

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