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People Helping People In Daytona Beach FL

people helping people  
People helping people is simply an act of mercy and grace that we give onto others as Christ did and still does for us today.
On behalf of The Sweeping Angels Family and staff, we are reaching out to the public to ask for your involvement in helping us help families here in Daytona Beach, Florida. There are particular family shelters that we have chosen to become vessels for to help accommodate their needs for the families that is living in these facilities temporarily.   Your involvement would be to simply donate a few things, in which we have taken the initiative to compile a list from our local family shelters that families seem to be needing the most.  (more…)

Help For Homeless In Daytona Beach FL

help for homeless in daytona beach fl

We understand how cold it can get outside, therefore, we would like to offer help for homeless in Daytona Beach FL so families and individuals without homes can stay warm this winter. More importantly, to let them know -- someone cares about THEM. People never forget how you make them feel and it is amazing what emotions can be created just by simply showing that you care. Wouldn't you agree?

How Help for homeless in Daytona Beach FL started?

This cause started when my wife was driving through Daytona Beach from a clients home and saw homeless individuals rubbing their hands together with their shoulders tucked in trying to stay warm with the little clothing they had on.  (more…)