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How to clean your shower heads the easy way!

how to clean your shower heads

DON'T BUY A NEW SHOWER HEAD -- Clean it the easy way!

I'm sure we all had built-up residue of mineral deposits that has clogged our shower heads causing water to stream unevenly once in our lifetime. Most people will just throw it away and buy a new one. Well, there's a better and much easier way. It is so simple that it doesn't require spending countless minutes or hours doing. Let's go over this real quick. When your shower heads start looking like it was made in the 60's or 70's with a few strands of water streams squirting out, it's time to pull a page from the old school book and make it look and feel new again.¬† (more…)

How To Remove Pet Hair (from almost everything)

Removing Pet Hair If you are a pet owner, then you know what a pain in the, you know what, it is when removing pet hair all over your home. There are cool gadgets and gizmos in every store promising to banish pet hair but in reality, most are expensive and really do not work any better than some of these tips using items you probably already have in your home. Read on and try them out for yourselves. We would love to hear your thoughts too so feel free to comment below when you are done reading!

Removing Pet Hair From Furniture, Carpets and Clothing

Take a slightly damp, clean sponge or microfiber cloth and run it over your furniture. The hair will ball right up.  A slightly damp, clean sponge mop will remove pet hair on carpets as well when your vacuum is just not doing its job. Also, a rubber broom or squeegee will get rid of hair from furniture and carpets quickly and effectively. Lightly spray the area with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution to help with the removal process and odor control. Traditional rubber gloves (not latex) dampened with a bit of water or vinegar and water solution  will make it easier when removing pet hair from couches, chairs, carpets, bedding, etc. Simply rub the area covered in hair until it balls up then toss it out. This method works great on clothing too! Gloves can be rinsed, sanitized and reused so why keep spending money right?

Make it fun for the kids to remove pet hair

If you have children, you can make it fun by having them blow up some balloons and rub them on the areas where your pet hair is. The static will collect the hair from the surface and on to the balloon. Our little Noah thinks it's fun, so we figure it would be fun for your small children too. One last trick is you can rub a dryer sheet when removing pet hair from any surface then remember to brush away in the trash. Very simple solution for pet owners that cannot afford hiring professionals to come do the dirty work for you. Hopefully this tip helped for all of you pet owners getting frustrated at pet hair all over the place. If so, leave your comments below! Let us know what your thoughts are. Until the next blog post, have a amazing day. removing pet hair